What's the difference between practitioner and clinic listings?

Practitioners can work in  different clinics on different days so your profile allows you to list the days, hours and places that you visit each week. Clinics, by definition, don't move around, so a clinic can only register one address.

On the other hand, clinics may often have several practitioners of Japanese acupuncture,   so they can ''add'' and list all Sayoshi members who work at that location. If you are the owner of a clinic with several practitoners of Japanese acupunctture and moxibustion working there,  you'll need to have two memberships, one for your centre,  and one for you as a practitioner.


I've registered and paid but I can't find my listing!

When you log in to yur account page, you'll see the top row is divided into tabs. One of these tabs is called Practice address. This is the most important tab on the menu! If you click on it you'll see that you can add a practice address using Google Maps. Type in the name of your clinic or your address. Once it shows on the map and you've completed all the practice details, you can click the update button. NOW you're in the directory!


What's the difference between EXPLORER, BASIC AND PRO?

EXPLORER is free and allows you to get a feel for SAYOSHI and what it can do for you  You can register your details with SAYOSHI and explore the site. That's free but it doesn't enable you to do more than that.Your listing won't be displayed.

BASIC membership is $9.99 per year and allows you to have a listing in the directory and access the forums and articles. Your listing doesn't show a photo and is ranked lower than PRO listings. You can also create events, but you'll need to pay  $15 for each  event. Clinics can't get BASIC membership, it's only for practitioners.

PRO membership is open to practitioners and clinics. It costs only $39.99 a year and enables you to access every feature on the site, including creating events for free, and posting articles and commenting on posts in the forums. Your listing shows with a photo and what's more, you can create trust with your listing by uploading your relevant certificates.


Why is there no Japanese acupuncture practitioner near me?

There are two reasons we can think of. The first is that there are people near you, but they haven't signed up to our directory yet. We're working on that! The second is that there really may not be a practitioner near you. Of all the acupuncturists in all the world, practitioners expert in Japanese techniques are a small minority. But we think we're worth waiting for! If there really isn't anyone near you, please check back with us in a few months. We are a growing register and we hope to find you a great practitioner, near you, soon!


I'm an acupuncturist but not doing Japanese acupuncture. Can I still join here?

Sayoshi was created  so that members of the public can find practitioners of Japanese style acupuncture and moxibustion. If you don't practise Japanese methods, you should not join. Instead, we warmly encourage you to go and study Japanese acupuncture so that you can join us at a later date. You can still use our event calendar to find trainings in your part of the world.



How do you control the authenticity of practitioners?

Sayoshi is not able to verify or certify any of the practitioners on the site. Please see our disclaimer for more on this subject. However, we are a community portal and we strongly encourage all our members to take an interest in each other. If you see a member claiming or posting things that could bring the community into disrepute, please let us know!

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