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Dip. Ap. Sc. (Acp) Australia, Lc. Ac. (NY, USA), Member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists (IICT).

After graduation Paul moved from Australia to the USA to further his studies. His interest was in the Japanese style of acupuncture where he trained under Stephen Birch and Junko Ida, learning the treatment techniques of Dr. Manaka and Meridian Therapy. He also studied with Kiiko Matsumoto, and was exposed to a wide variety of styles taught in Japan. From 1989 until 1996 he maintained a busy practice in the USA, lectured and undertook constant postgraduate studies. His training included the study of Dr. Shen's pulse methods under Dr. Leon Hammer, Sôtai and Shiatsu from Kikuko Zutrau Miyazaki, as well as exposure to many visiting meridian therapists. He continued his training in the Toyohari system of Meridian Therapy in Japan and Europe under the guidance of such teachers as Akihiro Takai, Shuho Taniuchi, Koryo Nakada, Shozo Takahashi, and Toshio Yanagishita.

He has been lecturing extensively to introduce the Japanese styles to practitioners in Australia, NZ and Canada. He established a postgraduate certificate course in Dr. Manaka's protocols, as well as setting up Toyohari and teaching it throughout Australia and NZ. He is the past President and past Academic Dean of the Australasian Branch of the Toyohari Association , completed his training as a Registered Academic Practitioner and a qualified teacher with the Toyo Hari Association of Japan before retiring from the Toyohari Association in 2016.

Paul has also had the privilege of studying in Japan over many years under the guidance of some of the greatest teachers in various styles including: in the Moxibustion Tradition of Shinma Hideo, son of Fukaya, one of the greatest moxibustionists of Japan and inventor of the bamboo tube, Hirato Motoshiro, who developed the slotted bamboo tube and shield moxa technique, Sakmoto Koichi, a fifth generation moxabustionist who has 150 year tradition in his family, Fukushima Tetsuya, skilled in Fukaya style, Hata Minae, who developed the Nepal Moxa Method, Yashikawa Masako, who has developed the Yin Yang Taikyoku method, and Sugiyama Isao, a classical acupuncturist.

Currently, Paul is running a successful clinic in the Blue Mountains and lectures extensively to practitioners and students. It is his passion to continue to share new treatment strategies and assist the development of skills to produce powerful clinical results.


The M-Test was developed by Dr. Mukaino. It's a simple diagnostic and treatment protocol that provides the practitioner with a comprehensive overview of the patient’s body, quickly illuminating areas of pain, imbalance and restriction by assessing quality of movement with the potential of immediately resolving them.


Kiyoshi Nagano was a blind acupuncturist who developed a new and very individualised style, based on his own unique palpation and diagnostic skills. His approach informed and shaped the way other Japanese acupuncture styles have developed, particularly that of Kiiko Matsumoto.

Fukaya Moxa

Isaburu Fukaya was a master practitioner of moxibustion who developed many innovations in the field of moxibustion, most famously using very small cones and a bamboo tube to reduce the perception of heat during treatment.


Toyohari is a very gentle style of Meridian Therapy developed by blind practitioners. It is typified by very delicate, pain-free, non-insertive needling techniques called ''touch needling''.

Sawada Style Taikyoku Ryoho

A whole body moxibustion treatment using a combination of 11-15 standard points and special effects points based on the unique approach of Ken Sawada (1877-1938). Sawada had a huge influence on Japanese moxibustion, devising his own whole body routines and successfully treating many diseases.


Shonishin is a veyr gentle style of acupuncture for children. It usually does not involve any needling. Instead the channels are stroked, pressed or rubbed with rounded, blunt tools. Children usually love it!


More a method than a style, Ontake is a moxibustion technique that uses a short piece of bamboo filled with moxa. When the moxa is lit the bamboo becomes a warm rolling and pressing tool. Some practitioners use this on its own. More recently, Ontake has been integrated with Manaka's meridian frequency theory and is applied with a metronome.

Meridian Therapy

Meridian Therapy is a classical and influential style of acupuncture based on Five Phase theory that involves very light needling to balance the root and a broad variety of symptom control treatments, including moxibustion.


Dr Manaka was a medical doctor and an acupuncturist who used a scientific perspective to to research classical theory. The result was a unique four step protocol that can be adapted to treat anyone of any age with a variety of methods, from gentle and non-insertive to insertive.

Kiiko Matsumoto

A renowned international author, trainer and clinician based in the USA, Kiiko Matsumoto has developed an integrated approach incorporating the work of Master Nagano, Master Kawaii and Dr. Manaka. Her style emphasizes palpation to adapt each treatment to the needs of the individual and shallow needling with very fine needles.

Ikeda style Traditional Japanese Acupuncture

Mr. Ikeda is a contemporary practitioner, in practice for over forty-five years. His theories and techniques are based on the classical Chinese medical texts, incorporating ideas from Nan Jing 69, 75 and 81, Meridian Therapy, Zang-Fu theory and his own ideas on syndrome pattern identification.


Movement therapy and postural realignment, developed by Dr. Hashimoto in the 1970’s. Uses pain-free movements to restore chronically shortened muscles. Often integrated into acupuncture sessions, and in Manaka style, performed together with moxa.

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66 Railway Parade, Wentworth Falls NSW 2782, Australia

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