• Ontake can be remarkably effective as a branch treatment to relieve pain when used with holographic models such as Dr Tan's normal and reversed images

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  • Toyohari can enhance acupuncturists’ ability to feel qi and improve their clinical skills through gentle, non-stimulatory and effective treatment methods to regulate and harmonize qi.

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  • Tokyo 2009: A Fiftieth Anniversary interview with the oldest blind members of the Toyohari Association - its beginnings and the origins of some its techniques

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  • What does the term sayoshi mean and what is the sayoshi portal? What is the sayoshi mission and what's the sayoshi back story?

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  • Maybe you've not heard of Japanese acupuncture before but Sayoshi is home to a community of dedicated practitioners with some amazing healing skills

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  • The benefits of repeated practice in Meridian Therapy as seen in the East and the Western attitude that if I have done it once I know it.

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In Japan there are many diverse styles of acupuncture, often based on the treatment approach of one teacher. These styles are very different to TCM, the style of acupuncture most established in the West. Japanese acupuncture treatments come from a 1400 year old tradition: they can be so gentle that children love them and yet they’re dynamic and get results.

It’s like playing the piano with different styles. You can play classical, jazz or rock and roll on the piano but whatever you play, you’re still making music. Acupuncture is the same. There are many ways to use the acupuncture meridian system to treat the body. All of them use the acupuncture points and regulate the flow of Qi or energy in the meridians.

Is one style of acupuncture better than another? This is like asking if jazz is better than classical.  The answer has to be subjective. One style may suit you better.

Sayoshi is the online directory to help you to find out more about these different styles and for you to locate a practitioner near you.
We take pride in offering you access to a community of highly trained and dedicated practitioners.

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What people say

" Sayoshi is the most comprehensive Japanese acupuncture platform to date. It brings together practitioners of different Japanese styles of acupuncture and moxibustion to create an international community and will elevate awareness of our public profile worldwide. "

Paul Movsessian

" What an amazing initiative - let's get globally connected to grow our wonderfully diverse community! "

Marian Fixler

" Our vision is to create a Big Tent for all practitioners of all styles of Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion. We will help the public find you and we will help you build your practice, increase your knowledge and invigorate our community. "

Oran Kivity

" Japanese-style acupuncture generally does not require the use of herbs and is primarily learned through hands-on practice along with study of the classics. This portal will be a great resource for Japanese-style acupuncture practitioners—and patients—around the globe who embrace the Qi Paradigm. Thank you for the great effort it took to create it! "

Brenda Loew

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